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Sue Painting cropped 2Background:

I am an oil and acrylic painter from Tacoma, Washington. For the last eleven years I have been fortunate to be able to focus on my passion for painting.  For ten of those years I was privileged to study under fine art painter, Marcy Wheeler, at the Marcy Wheeler Studio in Walnut Creek, California.  In addition, I have taken numerous classes under several local instructors in life drawing, composition, painting like the old masters, oil and floral painting.

Artist Statement:

For me, painting is about capturing a moment in time, be that of a woman washing clothes on the riverbank or a rose caught at the perfect pause of its bloom.  Life continues on; the woman grows older.  The rose continues its bloom and dies. Yet through the painting, that moment still moves us, inspires us, and delights us.

Painting involves the play of color and light, influenced by my own personal expression.  Through the paint brush, I am able to lose myself in my own imagination as I not only capture life’s moments, but I create them as well.

I choose subject matter for many different reasons.  Sometimes it’s to hold on to a memory, or to tell a story, or to just capture a moment of beauty in a world that is not always beautiful.  Painting builds on all of my life experiences allowing me to build a body of work that flows from my life and from my passions.  I find that thrilling.


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